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Gather, manage, and store citations and bibliographies.

RefWorks is a web-based bibliographic management service.

  • Allows users to create personal citation databases by importing references from text files or online databases.

  • Also, facilitates manuscript preparation, allowing for automatic formatting of the paper and the bibliography.

RefWorks - Sign In Page
Resources to help you use RefWorks

To create a RefWorks account:
  1. Go to and click the "Create Account" link OR sign up when using Summon (see box to the right)
  2. Fill in your information making sure to use your La Salle email address (you can’t sign up with,, etc.).  Using your La Salle email address lets RefWorks know that you are entitled to an institutional account (with all the benefits mentioned above!). 
Note: When Creating a New Account, ignore the "Login with your institution's credentials" link.  It does NOT apply to La Salle University.

Citation Management

Collect citation information for every piece of material found as it's found

  • Don't do research twice by having to go back and find material again to get the citation
  • If it is not used in the final draft of the paper, delete it
  • RefWorks (details above) provides a software solution
  • Low-Tech Option is to Copy and Paste citations into a working Bibliography during the research process

Insert citation information into the body of the paper as the paper is written

  • RefWorks' Write-N-Cite Microsoft Word Plugin provides a software solution
  • Low-Tech Option is to create In-Text Citation place holders that refer to back to the citations in the Bibliography

Wait to Format In-Text and Bibliographic Citations until after the paper is complete

  • Don't get distracted from writing by worrying about formatting
  • Once the paper is written, concentrate efforts on learning the specialized rules of prescribed Formatting and Style Guide
  • Use these Guides to understand and apply the Style rules