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Policies & FAQs

COVID-19 Information

  • Masks must be warn at all times while in the Connelly Library and Learning Commons.
  • Do not move computer equipment.
  • If staff have to remind you of any of COVID University policies, an Incident Report form will be submitted..

  • If you live in the area and would like to return your books, you can place them in the book drop near the Connelly Library entrance. 
  • If you live further away, contact Louise Erwin for possible return options.

Entrance Policy

Use of the Connelly Library is primarily to meet the research and information needs of the students, faculty and staff of the University. They will have priority in the use of all services, resources, and facilities. The library's unique collections and resources are also open to visiting scholars or researchers not directly affiliated with the University.

Students, Faculty, and Staff

All Patrons are required to wear a face covering:

Face coverings must be worn even while practicing physical distancing. Face coverings are not intended as a substitute for physical distancing.

Your La Salle University ID card is needed to open the turnstile gates.

If a La Salle University affiliate does not have their La Salle University ID card in their possession, they must stop at the Public Services Desk and sign-in. (Signing-in includes providing your name, La Salle University ID number, and your on-campus or local address.)

  • If a La Salle faculty, staff, or student does not have a valid La Salle University ID card, they may obtain one at the University’s Gold Card Office (located in the basement of the Lawrence Administration Building).
  • If a La Salle adjunct faculty member is not teaching this current semester, but will be teaching in the future, a staff member with access to the Argos System must look them up and determine if they should have access.
  • After three visits to the library without an ID card, a student can be denied access.


Due to COVID restrictions, Alumni are not currently permitted admittance to the Connelly Library.

Area Residents

Due to COVID restrictions, Area Residents are not currently permitted admittance to the Connelly Library.

Other Guests

Due to COVID restrictions, guests accompanied by current La Salle ID holders are not currently permitted admittance to the Connelly Library.

Questions? Contact:

Computer Use Policy

Who can use the Computers and Printers in the library?

  • Current La Salle Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff


  • Alumni may use the Library’s computers, but they must ask a library staff member to log them on.
  • They may be asked to give priority use to current La Salle students.
  • Due to licensing restrictions, database access is restricted to on-campus use.
  • Printing services are not available.

Area residents and other non-La Salle guests?

  • Are not permitted to use the Library’s computers
  • They can access La Salle Guest Wireless from their own device

The Connelly Library’s use policy for computer workstations is governed by La Salle University’s “Acceptable Use Policy” for computer access. Any violation of this policy will be reported to the University’s IT Department and may result in the revocation of computer access privileges.

Room Use Policy

  • The Library currently has 19 group study rooms available for students, faculty, and staff. Study rooms can accommodate up to two people.  There are 6 single occupant study pods, one seminar room accodates 4 people. Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  The Multi Purpose Room on the Lower Level can accommodate up to ten people, reservations may be made in advance through the Public Services Manager.
  • Classroom 111, Conference Room must be reserved in advance through the Public Services Manager. 
  • Reservations can be made (same day) for the 4 group study rooms with tech (max occupancy 3)
  • Single users may be asked to yield use of the room to a group.
  • Study rooms should not be left unattended, and the Library assumes no liability for personal belongings. 
  • If you are taking an Exam, it must be started no later than 2 hours before closing time.  This is to protect students from having their exam cut short at the close of the library.  Staff is not able to keep the library open past closing to accommodate students taking exams.

Questions? Contact:

Overdue Fines and Fees

Fee Schedule

  • Material from the Circulating Collection: Assessed at $.10/day, or $.50/day if the book has been recalled by another patron.
  • Audiobooks: Assessed at $1.00/day. An audiobook that is more than 28 days overdue is considered excessively late and accrues a replacement charge of $100.00 and an additional processing fee of $15.00.
  • Videos: Assessed at $1.00/day. A video that is more than 28 days overdue is considered excessively late and accrues a replacement charge of $20.00 and an additional processing fee of $15.00.
  • Reserve Items: Assessed at $1/hour for two hour check-outs, and at $5/day for overnight items.

Excessive Lateness

  • A balance of $30 or more suspends your borrowing privileges. The balance must be brought below $30 to reinstate your account.
  • A book that is 28 days past due is considered excessively late and is inaccessible to other library users. Once a book is 28 days overdue you will be billed for the cost of the book, a $10 billing fee, and a processing fee. When you return a book that is 28 or more days overdue, the charge to cover the cost of the book is dropped. Regretfully, we must collect the $10 billing fee to cover expenses incurred in our attempt to recover and/or replace this severely overdue book. If a book is billed AND recalled, you are also responsible for all recall fines.