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Downloading Zotero and Connectors

Set-Up Instructions

  1. Create your Zotero account. While an account isn't required, you will need one to sync your account across multiple devices.
  2. Download Zotero - Select the appropriate operating system (Windows, MAC, etc.).
  3. Installing Zotero on a Chromebook - The process for installing Zotero on a Chromebook are different than downloading to a MAC or PC.
  4. Download Browser Connectors - Plugins are available for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. The Zotero Connector for Chrome is bundled into Zotero. Enable it from the Extensions pane of the Safari Preferences.
    1. Connector preferences


Connectors troubleshooting

How to Update Zotero to Ensure Access to La Salle's Subscriptions

If you have downloaded the Zotero Connector on your browser, you may see a yellow banner appear at the top of a database that says "Zotero automatically associated [Database] with a previously defined proxy. Future requests to this site will be redirected through" If you encounter this message select "Don't Proxy This Site" on the right side of the screen.

To avoid seeing this banner in the future, you will need to disable/uncheck "Enable proxy redirection" in the Zotero Connector on your browser.

Your Proxies settings should look like the screenshot below:

To access Zotero Connector, right click the Zotero extension icon in your browser and select "Options" or "Manage Extension" etc. until you are able to select "Option." This action should bring you to the page as seen in the two screenshots above where you can edit your "proxies" settings.