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Business Resources: E-Reference


Reference books have many purposes.  They can give definitions, provide background on a topic, provide statistics, give a starting place for further research.  A good reference article can provide you with the basic knowledge in a field which will enable you to understand  more complex books and articles.  

We have a good E-Reference collection which can be searched in a number of ways.  You can use Summon to search them all at once. Or you can search the various collections individually.


Searching E-Reference

Use this box to search Summon for all our our E-Reference resources at once.  You can then filter your results by date, discipline (e.g. Business or Economics - or both!) subject etc.

Credo Reference

Credo includes a Topics area where you can view the material arranged by Topic rather than book

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Here are some of the many titles available from Gale Virtual Reference Library

Sage Knowledge

Sage Knowledge has a good collection of reference books with in-depth coverage of business topics.  Below are just three of the many resources available.