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Business Resources: Finding News and Trade Publications

Finding news and trade

US Major Dailies and Nexis Uni have very large numbers of newspapers and trade publications.  You can use Summon to search both at once.  You can use the search boxes below, or follow the instructions for filtering out your results in Summon.  Be sure to restrict your results to the last few years.  If you want to search a particular publication, such as the Wall Street Journal, use the E-Journal Portal.

Search Summon for Newspapers

Search Summon for Trade Publications

Marketline Advantage

You can search by Company News, Financial Deals, Analyst Insights and Case Studies

Using Summon to find trade journal articles

A good way to research trends in your product's industry is to use trade journals - in fact they will be useful throughout this project whenever you need to find reliable information.  We have access to many trade journals here at La Salle, mostly via Business Source Ultimate and Nexis Uni.  You can easily search both using Summon (please note that you can use Summon to find other content types as well such as newspapers, magazines, journals and books.  Just use the appropriate content type. Note: Remember to limit by date to the last few years!  See more about Summon here