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Wharton Research Data Sets (WRDS)

Access to Wharton Research Data Sets (WRDS)

The database (subscription courtesy of the La Salle University School of Business)  is available on campus in the Connelly Library and the Computer Labs in Founder's Hall.  It is also available off-campus (when you are off-campus you must authenticate as you do for any database using your LUNA username and password)

When you click on the link for the database you will be asked to enter  your email address - your La Salle email address only  and you will be sent a day pass with a link.

The link is valid for a 1 day pass to WRDS, enabling you to access the data La Salle holds subscriptions to via the WRDS platform. Clicking on the link will take you directly to the WRDS website.

Please make sure to enter your La Salle email address on the query page of any jobs you run which may finish after this pass has expired. Obtaining results which are only available after this pass has expired will then simply require a new day pass.

Individual WRDS Accounts

Individual Accounts can be requested by Faculty and more advanced students (at their faculty members' invitation). 

Request an Individual Account here

Contact the author of this guide for more information.


SAS Studio complements SAS on Unix, SAS Connect on a PC, and the SAS Share interface to R, Matlab, and other languages. SAS Studio looks like the SAS interface found on the PC, but has direct access to WRDS data like on Unix.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to SAS Studio is only for patrons with individual accounts.  If advanced undergraduates need SAS, they must register for an individual account.

Wharton Research Data Sets (WRDS)