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Privacy and OpenAthens

Data OpenAthens Collects

In order to authenticate, OpenAthens collects your La Salle ID number. Your ID number is all that is needed to determine your eligibility to use a library resource. 

This information is not provided to any vendor unless you opt-in for special personalization features in specific databases (see Merging Accounts and Personalization page). Instead, OpenAthens passes a system-generated numeric ID to resource providers.

OpenAthens also collects aggregated data about:

  • resources (databases and publisher platforms) accessed
  • user Internet providers and network locations

Connelly Library will not share this data with vendors.



In order to authenticate users, OpenAthens connects to La Salle's single-sign-on (SSO) authentication system. You will use the same credentials you use to log into La Salle's network and portal. 

Read more about OpenAthens Data Security and User Privacy on the Ebsco support site.