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OpenAthens Link Generator

Peristent Links to Library Resources

Persistent Links, also called permalinks or stable links, are URLs that connect users directly to an article, ebook, ejournal, or library database. Persistent links can be useful when creating syllabi, reading lists or bibliographies, or sharing resources in other ways. Persistent links can assist instructors in complying with copyright rules when downloading an article from a library database and making it available through Canvas. Linking to these articles also provides the University Libraries with more consistent usage statistics for our databases. An example of a permalink for an EBSCO resource:



To ensure that links to library resources work for those on or off campus, the OpenAthens prefix must be embedded in each URL. The following instructions will help you generate these links. 


How to Generate an OpenAthens Link

Use the OpenAthens link generator to create links to specific library resources. 

To use the OpenAthens link Generator:

  1. Go to  
  2. Paste a permalink or stable URL  for the resource you would like to link to in the box and press enter.
  3. Copy the generated URL.
  4. Use the copied URL to link to the source.



Please be sure to TEST your links before sharing them. For more information about the generator, see About the OpenAthens link generator.


If you need help generating an OpenAthens link, please contact Carol Brigham or Sheryl Panka-Bryman.


The OpenAthens link generator should not be used for resources found in Ebsco, ProQuest, Gale, and Kanopy databases. Please see below for help in constructing those links.

Special Links: Ebsco, ProQuest Ebook Central, Gale and Kanopy

Note that the following providers are not "athenized".

Instead, these providers use a customer id in the links to direct you to our account. These strings need to be included in your links for the following databases: