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Merging Accounts and Personalization

New Accounts

With the implementation of OpenAthens, new database-specific accounts will be needed for some of the databases or digital resource collections.  For those that will require new accounts, users will be prompted to create a new account when accessing the database for the first time through OpenAthens. The databases that will require new accounts include:


Ebook Central




Personalization and Merging Accounts

Some of the digital resource collections/databases available through Connelly Library allow users to personalize their experience through the creation of personal accounts. These personalization features may vary from database to database. Common personalization features include:

  • Saving searches (search terms, filters, etc.)
  • Saving search results 
  • Annotating sources
  • Recommendations based on search history

Personalization requires users to create a personal account and to allow databases to save their browsing/search histories. 

With the implementation of OpenAthens, to save personalized data that was captured by older database accounts, users will need to merge their older accounts into their new accounts created through OpenAthens.  Below are instructions for merging specific accounts.

EBSCO and OpenAthens

In order to access EBSCO databases using OpenAthens, you must consent to EBSCO's Personal Data Retention and Usage policy.

The first time you log into EBSCO through OpenAthens, a unique OpenAthens numeric identifier tied to your La Salle/LUNA login is passed to EBSCO. This is used to create a new My Ebscohost account linked to your login.

My Ebscohost personal accounts allow you to save search results and search strategies, plus more. You do not need to add any personal information to your My Ebscohost personal account; the unique OpenAthens identifier is all that is needed to access EBSCO digital content.

Add Name and Email Address to EBSCO personal account

This is optional. After connecting through OpenAthens, click the Sign in or Update My Account link in the upper right corner in any EBSCO database.  You can then add your name and email address to your account. EBSCO and Connelly Library do not share this information.


Merge Ebscohost Accounts

If you created an EBSCO account before OpenAthens was implemented and would like to move all saved items from the older account into your new account, EBSCO allows you to merge those accounts

To merge accounts:

  1. Click Update My Account in the upper right corner of the screen and look for the option to Merge Accounts.
  2. Click the Get Started button.
  3. Log in with the username and password for your previously-created account.
  4. Follow the prompts to merge the older account into your new My Ebscohost account.
  5. You will receive an email confirmation once the account merge is complete.

For more information about EBSCO and user data, see its privacy policy.


ProQuest Ebook Central and OpenAthens

The first time you log into ProQuest Ebook Central through OpenAthens, a unique OpenAthens numeric identifier tied to your La Salle/LUNA login is provided to Ebook Central. The unique identifier is used to create a new Ebook Central account linked to your La Salle/LUNA login.

Your Ebook Central account allows you to download books for a certain amount of time, make annotations, and create a personal bookshelf. Your bookshelf keeps track of your downloads, loans, and saved books. Read more about your bookshelf.

Old Bookshelf?

If you created an Ebook Central account and bookshelf prior to the migration to OpenAthens, you can import your bookshelf into your new account created through OpenAthens. See ProQuest bookshelf instructions

Artstor and OpenAthens

The first time you connect to Artstor through OpenAthens, you will see a request to Link your Existing Account or Create a new Artstor account.  


Artstor links your unique OpenAthens numeric identifier with your personal Artstor account, so that going forward you will only need to login into OpenAthens to access Artstor.  

Creating a personal Artstor account allows you to download digital content, save digital content to folders and share those folders with other Artstor users. Read more about Artstor's privacy policies.

RefWorks and OpenAthens

RefWorks is a web-based reference management service that allows you to import references from online databases and other sources into your papers. See the RefWorks guide for more information. 

To create a RefWorks account that is linked to OpenAthens, please follow these steps:

1. Go to:

2. From the "Use login from my institution" drop-down menu, select "Open Athens Credentials" 


3. Type in La Salle University in the OpenAthens login prompt ("Find Your Institution") and click the La Salle University link. (It may take a few seconds.)

4. The La Salle/LUNA prompt will appear. Enter your LUNA username and password.

5. The Refworks account prompt will appear. Enter your La Salle email address and click "check" button.


6. Refworks will either find no existing account and prompt you to create a new one or will find an existing account and will provide prompts to enable you to associate your existing RefWorks with an OpenAthens id.