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Digital Exhibits, Tours and Collections for Teaching

La Salle Archives & Special Collections

Special Collections: Virtual Exhibits


Belfield: Three Centuries

A virtual exhibit exploring the families who resided at the historic Belfield residence located on La Salle's campus.


Belfield in the Civil War

This exhibit explores the Wister family's participation in the Civil War, along with the broader history of Philadelphia's role in the War.


Belfield and Wakefield

This exhibit explores the lives of those who resided in the Belfield and Wakefield properties situated on La Salle University's campus.  


Conflict and Counterculture: Finding the Visual History of the Sixties

This exhibit presents advertisements and political ephemera for the viewer to analyze and discover how these visual sources can be utilized beyond their aesthetic appeal, and how they can reveal information about American society during a period of monumental change.


Devotion: An Iconography of the Life of Jesus

This exhibit presents a study of illustrations from the Connelly Library’s collection of rare Bibles and prayer books. The focus is on eight scenes from the life of Jesus Christ, taken from works from the fifteenth through the twentieth centuries.


La Salle University Archives


Many of La Salle's historical publications have been digitized and are available online, including: yearbooks, alumni magazines, faculty newsletters, athletics media guides, and more.

The full list is available HERE.



The Archives holds many collections that have not yet been digitized. Click the button above to search our collection guides, including the photograph collection, records of academic and administrative departments, personal papers of faculty and alumni, and more.


Archives and Special Collections: Digital Offerings

Below are links to University Archives and Special Collections material that has been digitized. Faculty who are interested in incorporating non-digitized historic material into their online courses are welcome to contact Kelsey Duinkerken ( or Heather Willever-Farr ( to discuss the possibilities. 

In addition to providing access to digital collections, the Archives and Special Collections are committed to providing on-line active learning experiences for any La Salle course. La Salle's historic collections contain material that is relevant to a myriad of disciplines, from the life sciences to religious studies.  We welcome the opportunity to work with faculty on developing meaningful virtual experiences for students.

Special Collections: Digitized Collections


Rick McCarty's Artwork 

Rick McCarty (1950-2012), a Vietnam War veteran, explored the depths of PTSD in his pencil drawings, often embellished with text.

Interview with McCarty

McCarty's digitized artwork


Vietnam Generation

Published between 1989 and 1996, Vietnam Generation served as a premier source of essays, artwork, poetry and other materials for the field of Vietnam War studies.


Susan Dunleavy Collection of Biblical Literature

This collection contains hundreds of rare historic bibles and prayer books, many with illustrations.  Twenty-six items from this collection were digitized by Villanova University staff and made available through its digital library.