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Online Teaching and Learning

Other Academic Disciplines

Sciences and Social Sciences


Teaching of Psychology, 07/2018, Volume 45, Issue 3


Traditional Versus Online Biology Courses: Connecting Course Design and Student Learning

Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education, 12/2016, Volume 17, Issue 3


Fostering Personalized Learning in Science Inquiry Supported by Mobile Technologies

Educational Technology Research and Development, 08/2012, Volume 60, Issue 4

Business and the Humanities


Blended Learning in Finance: Comparing Student Perceptions of Lectures, Tutorials and Online Learning

Economic papers (Economic Society of Australia), 2011, Volume 30, Issue 1


Flipping the Undergraduate Economics Classroom: Using Online Videos to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Southern Economic Journal, July 2016, Volume 83, Issue 1


Journal of Business Ethics, 12/2014, Volume 125, Issue 3

Students’ Perceptions of Learning in an Online Multi-round Business Simulation Game

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 10/2019, Volume 17, Issue 4



Online Teaching and Biblical Studies

Teaching Theology & Religion, 04/2018, Volume 21, Issue 2


Teaching Biblical Studies Online

Teaching Theology & Religion, 07/2011, Volume 14, Issue 3