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What is the HathiTrust?

The HathiTrust collection is full-text searchable, with more than 2.7 million titles in the public domain that may be viewed online.

La Salle University is not a HathiTrust partner institution, which places restrictions on what we can download and/or print.

Currently Digitized

  • 11,412,713 total volumes
  • 5,888,921 book titles
  • 297,247 serial titles
  • 3,994,449,550 pages
  • 512 terabytes
  • 135 miles
  • 9,273 tons
  • 3,978,007 volumes(~35% of total) in the public domain
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What does the name mean?

Hathi (pronounced hah-tee) is the Hindi word for elephant, an animal  highly regarded for its memory, wisdom, and strength. Trust is a core  value of research libraries and one of their greatest assets. In  combination, the words convey the key benefits researchers can expect  from a first-of-its-kind shared digital repository.