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HathiTrust: Printing/Downloading


La Salle University is not a HathiTrust partner institution, which places restrictions on what we can download and/or print.

Users who are not affiliated with HathiTrust partner institutions can download single-page PDFs of all public domain works, full-PDFs of works made available under Creative Commons licenses, and full-PDFs of public domain works that are not subject to third-party agreements  There is significant overlap of volumes in HathiTrust and Google Book Search and if a book is "full view" in HathiTrust, it is possible that a PDF of the entire book can be downloaded from Google Book Search.

You can also sign up for a University of Michigan "Friend Account" in order to login and save personal collections of materials. More information on Friend accounts can be found here: See the User's Guide to HathiTrust on our Resources page for a general introduction to searching, browsing, and creating collections of materials in HathiTrust.



You can usually download/print individual pages.  You can also create a permanent link to a page or to an entire book.  You can also embed a book