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JSTOR Text Analyzer

Describes library resources and services

Introduction to Text Analyzer

How Text Analyzer can help your work

  • Explore a new topic: upload a starting document (for example: assignment description, encyclopedia description) and get recommendations for related content on JSTOR.
  • Find better keywords: upload classic article or key document (paper outline, notes, etc.) to find keywords and academic terminology to help refine your search. 
  • Find things you missed: upload an outline of a paper, key sources, or notes to find recommendations that may have been missed with a traditional search.

Text Analyzer: a new way to search

Text Analyzer (Beta) is a new way to search JSTOR: upload your own text or document, Text Analyzer processes the text to find the most significant topics and then recommends similar content on JSTOR. Try it at!

How to use Text Analyzer

  1. Follow the instructions at to upload a text document. Tip: In general, longer text documents will produce better results! (It's secure - the uploaded text is only retained long enough for the text analyzer to process it. It is not stored or used in any other way.) 
  2. Text Analyzer examples the text within the document to find key terms (topics, names, keywords), and then uses the ones it deems most important — the "prioritized terms" — to find similar content in JSTOR.
  3. You can review and adjust the results (adding, removing or adjusting the importance of the prioritized terms) and then go directly to articles of interest.

Text Analyzer is an beta version of a tool built by JSTOR Labs (