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Information Literacy

Working with the Library

Why Collaborate?

We believe that information skills are important and should last throughout a learner's lifetime. Fostering information skills (finding, evaluating, using information) is key to all students and we're here to help you explore new and exciting ways to do this!  Some of the ways we can collaborate with you include:

  • Exploring new pedagogies and teaching strategies with you
  • Developing instructional materials that you can incorporate into your class
  • Consulting with you on research assignments
  • Scheduling library instruction classes in the library and in your classroom
  • Building LibGuides (like this one!) to support your students' assignments
  • Working with students on a one-on-one basis to build research skills

InfoLit: Credo Information Literacy Core

Credo InfoLit is a set of online videos, tutorials, and quizzes covering information literacy, that can be embedded directly in your Canvas courses. Your library has subscribed to InfoLit and it is free for you and students to use, on campus or off.

The resource aims to:

  • Help students learn how to find relevant and reliable library and other research materials
  • Formulate appropriate, workable research questions
  • Synthesize what they learn into a final product such as a research paper, including citations that are apt for their field

Find more information on InfoLit here.

Difficulties College Students Encounter

What Students Say About Reseach

Project Information Literacy

Project Information Literacy (PIL) is a large-scale, national study about early adults and their research habits, conducted in partnership with the University of Washington's iSchool. Tune in and watch a short video about PIL. Read PIL's FAQ to learn more about the study's objectives. Read a summary paper about findings from PIL's ongoing research.


PIL Infographic