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Evaluating Web Resources


Criteria for Evaluating Resources via the Internet

What are Internet resources?

Internet resources are vast collections of interconnected networks. Internet resources include the WWW (World Wide Web), User groups, E-mail, and so much more. Since there are no restrictions for who publishes on the Internet, proceed with caution when incorporating these resources into your research papers. The Internet is full of all kinds of information, both good and bad. Use the CARDS method to help you determine the validity of the Internet resource.


Is there an author(s) or producer(s)? Does the document provide credentials on the author? For example, the author has a Ph.D., M.D., etc. Is there contact information for the author(s) or producer(s) of the document. This can include an e-mail address and/or street address and phone number.


Does the site appear to be comprehensive? Is the information included in the site complete and accurate? How does the information found in the site compare to other resources or related sites?


Is there a stated purpose or information describing the function of the site?


What is the date of coverage for the site? When was it created? Is the site up-to-date? Are the links up-to-date?


Does the site offer or link you to additional sites or resources? Are the links appropriate for the research topic? Are these resources easily accessible?