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Intersectional Justice

A Compilation of Resources from REL353, Fall 2020

Lasallian Resources

This tab explores Lasallian resources relating to the three action teams: COVID-19, Anti-Racism, and Voter Engagement. 



"COVID-19" by the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN) 

This website links the Lasallian world to the global pandemic. On this page, information about COVID-19 is available, COVID-19 fundraisers are advertised, and various resources are provided to show how Lasallians are responding to the pandemic. 


Voter Engagement

"La Salle Votes: How to Participate in the 2020 Election" by Patrick Berkley, La Salle University 

This Lasallian article provides resources for La Salle University students on how to register to vote, and the importance a single vote holds. 

"La Salle University Students Rethinking How to Get Out the Vote for Election Day 2020" by CBS3 Staff, CBS Philly

This brief news article by CBS Philly highlights steps that La Salle University students have taken to redesign the spreading of information about the 2020 Presidential Election. The article also spotlights a La Salle virtual event at which La Salle alumni who now hold elected positions and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick encouraged students to get out and vote because their vote is their voice. 


"Responding to Racism: A Lasallian Dialogue" by FSCDENA

In this Lasallian resource, a global languages professor, multicultural affairs director, Christian ethics professor, and chief diversity officer combine their efforts, knowledge, and expertise to produce a video about responding to racism. This video teaches viewers how to act in response to systemic racism and the call for racial justice.