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Intersectional Justice

A Compilation of Resources from REL353, Fall 2020


The COVID-19 action team worked to understand how the global pandemic is affecting different populations and community, specifically those who are most vulnerable and experience the greatest injustices. The resources below demonstrate intersectional justice by connecting COVID-19 to LGBTQ rights, immigration, and environmental justice. 


LGBTQ Rights

"A Global Look at How COVID-19 has Affected LGBTQ Activism" by Clea Simon, The Harvard Gazette

This article examines the difficulties in LGBTQ activism that have surfaced as a result of the pandemic. Some activism has transitioned to an online format, where panel discussions on LGBTQ rights are still being held. 


"Immigration Related Executive Actions during the COVID-19 Pandemic" by Danilo Zak, National Immigration Forum

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump Administration has issued almost 50 policy changes that affect the immigration system. This website explores the details of those policy changes and the impact they have had on immigrants in the United States. 

Environmental Justice

"Coronavirus is Not Just a Health Crisis - It's an Environmental Justice Crisis" by Yvette Cabrera, Grist

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased poverty rates and widened racial disparities. This article explores the connection between the global pandemic and environmental justice by describing how the two issues overlap. Read this article to learn more about the environmental justice crisis and the impact the pandemic has had on fighting that injustice.