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APA Style

Introducing APA

What is APA Style?

APA Style is a standardized format for writing that has been established by the American Psychological Association. It is generally used by students and scholars working within a behavioral science discipline.

Keep in mind that APA Style refers to:

  • the format & structure of your paper.
  • how you cite other authors within the body of your paper.
  • how you compile a references page at the end of your paper.

APA Style Resources

The Concise APA Handbook: APA 7th Edition

"Most students struggle with learning how to find references, use them effectively, and cite them appropriately in a required format. One of the most common formats is that of APA. The authors all have vast experience teaching writing courses to various levels of students from undergraduates to graduates in other countries. However, there was lacking a book that could explain the basics of APA in simple, easy-to-understand language for non-native speakers of English, who are often unfamiliar with using references and formatting an essay in a particular method. In order to offer English Learner student writers a source of information that is appropriate for their level, and is cost-effective, this updated APA 7th edition guidebook provides students with important information in clear, concise, user-friendly language, as well as to offer practical examples that will help them grasp the concept of secondary research writing. Much of the published materials on the market targets native speakers of English. The problem with this is that they present the nitpicky details of APA in ways that do not make sense to native speakers of English, let alone to those for whom English is not their first language, because the information is presented in very technical terms that are not easy to understand. This handbook presents the same information in simplified terms with images and step-by-step instructions in ways that make sense to both native and non-native English speaking student writers. Additionally, student writers often struggle with understanding the concept of plagiarism, as well as how to find sources, evaluate the appropriateness of sources, and use sources in effective ways (e.g., how to integrate quotes, when to paraphrase, among others). This book provides this important information that is concise and easy to understand."-- Provided by publisher

Important Websites

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Center) - APA Guidelines (website) - This site contains all the examples and formatting guidelines you find in the print manual in a browsable website put together by the Purdue Writing Lab staff. 

APA Style Blog (website) - Written and maintained by APA staff, the contributors to the blog answer questions about formatting uncommon resources in APA style. For example, the entry on How to Cite Something You Found on a Website in APA Style, is very useful. 

Frequently Asked Questions about APA Style (website) - The APA FAQ page answers some of your most burning questions about APA Style, such as,

  • Why APA Style, What is APA Style? 
  • Do you have example papers?
  • What do I do if I can't find an example reference?

Some Additional APA Guidelines Sites

Apps and Extensions to Help You With APA Citations

Business and Legal Citations

Citing Business Resources (Examples of how to cite our Business databases)

Legal Citation (APA uses the Bluebook which is a uniform system of citation for legal citation.) Below are some useful guides:

A Word About Plagiarism

Following citation style rules helps protect you from unintentionally plagiarizing someone else's work. To learn more about plagiarism, please see La Salle University's policy on Academic Integrity