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PubMed: Exporting Citations to the New RefWorks

Exporting Citations to the New RefWorks


Since PubMed is a free database it does not allow for Direct Export into RefWorks.  However with a little practice, you can easily Import citations into New RefWorks using the tools available in RefWorks and PubMed. Always remember to login to RefWorks from the Connelly Library homepage.  If you need more help with RefWorks, see here.

(This may look complicated, but it really works very easily!)

Step 1: Choose the item you want

When you locate an article you want to Export to RefWorks, click the Cite link at the bottom of the record.  A box will pop up. Choose Download RIS (this is a type of file used by all citation managers).  When you download the file will appear on your download bar.

Step 3: Import the RIS file

Once you have chosen Import References, a box comes up which allows you to either drag and drop the RIS file from the downloads, OR select the RIS file from your computer.

Step 2: Login to RefWorks

After you have chosen the article you want to cite, and downloaded it as an RIS file, you must open and login to the New RefWorks. 

Once you are in RefWorks, click the Add + box which can be found on the right hand side top

You then need to Choose:

  • Import References

Step 4: Choose the Filter and Import into RefWorks

At that point RefWorks will let you know that it recognizes your file as an RIS file.  Just click the Import button and the article will be imported into the Last Imported folder in RefWorks.  You can then place it in any RefWorks folder you desire.