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PubMed: Filtering your Results

Using Filters

PubMed offers many filters you can apply to your results to better target your search. What filters appear on your results page will differ according to your search history.  You can always add additional filters.  Take time to find out the many kinds of filters which are available to you by clicking on Additional filters.  A box will open allowing you to add filters to your search results page - choose as many as you want. They will then show up on the search results page.  You then need to click on them to actually filter out your results.

Article Type Filters

As you can see, you can filter by Article Type, Species, Language, Sex, Subject, Journal and Age.  Choose the one you want to add to your Search Results page.  Remember you have not yet filtered your results, you are just adding them to the Search Results page.

More Filters

Once you have chosen your additional filters, click on SHOW to bring them up on your Search Results page.  Then click the boxes for the filters you want to apply.

Filters Added