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Communication: Tech Info


FAITS - Faulkner Advisory for IT Studies


FAITS offers a broad range of reports plus vendor directories and a
comprehensive glossary of IT and related terms.

➤ Technology Tutorial reports provide intelligence about emerging
and mature technologies.
➤ Marketplace reports offer an excellent way to stay current on all
the latest trends and advances in the IT and communications
market segments you care about.
➤ Implementation Guide reports provide users with the know-how
to keep a project running and on budget.
➤ Standards reports examine the major IT and communications
standards and protocols currently in place.
➤ Product Profile reports provide a concise summary of the
leading products and suppliers, examine product strengths
and limitations, and analyze current pricing strategies.
➤ Company Profile reports review business goals, sales and
marketing strategies, and financial stability of the leading vendors.
➤ Comparison and Selection Guide reports offer the intelligence
users need to make the BEST product and service selections.