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The Great Migration: African American History: Summon

Summon from our Homepage

Summon can be found on the Connelly Library Homepage

Advanced Summon can be used to find specific articles, authors or articles in specific journals.


Summon Tutorial

Extra Summon Features

You can check the references (with links) for any article in Summon/

You can check the articles which cite an article (with links)

You can check the Altmetric Attention Score (The Altmetric Attention Score is a weighted count of all of the online attention Altmetric have found for an individual research output. This includes mentions in public policy documents and references in Wikipedia, the mainstream news, social networks, blogs and more.)

Summon Search Box

When you get onto the Summon page, you will have the opportunity to change the language of the display - look in the top right hand corner.

What is Summon?

Introducing the Summon™ service, our revolutionary new unified discovery service. The Summon™ unified discovery service allows the researcher to quickly search, discover and access reliable and credible library content.Through one simple search, it provides instant access to the breadth of authoritative content that's the hallmark of great libraries - digital and print, audio and video, single articles to entire e-journals, and every format in between. 

About Summon™

A single search

Provides a Google-like search experience, allowing researchers to use one search box to discover credible and reliable library content. You will be searching the library's catalog as well as all of our e-journals and many e-reference resources.

Exceptionally relevant results

Delivers search results in a relevancy-ranked list so the most relevant results appear at the top of the list.

Complete and instant access

Incorporates the comprehensive knowledge of most of our library's holdings so that researchers can access their results including full-text of electronic articles. 

Results refinement

Easily navigate and narrow search result sets using multiple methods, such as filtering, faceting and sorting.

Full-text filter

The Summon™ tool provides time-efficient research for the busy student by allowing results set to be limited to items immediately available in full text online.

Scholarship filter

Giving you the ability to limit results to "scholarly" publications including peer- reviewed material.

Ability to search beyond the Connelly Library's holdings

Just click  Add results beyond your library's collectionthe box "Add results beyond your library's collection" to search for books and articles not owned by Connelly.  You can request this material via 

Citation formatting

Quickly cut and paste citations in your preferred style.

Bibliographic information export

Easily export citations to bibliographic management software applications such as EndNote, RefWorks and ProCite.


Off-Campus questions

Can I use Summon from off-campus?

Yes you can!  You can run a search in Summon from any computer. After you get your results, if you are off-campus, look at the top the screen to see a banner which says:

Off-Campus?  Log in HERE using MyLaSalle (i.e. Portal) username and password to access full text and more content.  IF YOU CLICK ON THE CITATIONS WITHOUT LOGGING IN BY CLICKING ON THIS BANNER, YOU MAY GET A COOKIES ERROR MESSAGE!!!

Click on the banner ITSELF.  When you do so you will get the usual off-campus login screen. Use the same login information that you do for MyLasalle (the Portal). You will then be returned to your Results page.  You can click on any citation to view it.  From then on you have access to all the same fulltext content that you would on campus.



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If you get this message - go to the Results screen and click on the banner:

Off Campus? Log in HERE using MyLasalle (i.e. Portal) username and password to access full text and more content. IF YOU CLICK ON THE CITATIONS WITHOUT LOGGING IN BY CLICKING ON THIS BANNER, YOU MAY GET A COOKIES ERROR MESSAGE!!!