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The Great Migration: African American History

Journeys of Promise: Germantown and the Great Migration

Journeys of Promise, produced by Online Journalism students at La Salle University in Philadelphia, tells the stories of six African Americans who migrated to Philadelphia from the South as part of the Great Migration, the largest internal migration in U.S. history. The six sojourners who tell their stories here were interviewed in Spring 2011 at Center in the Park, a senior center in Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood.

Online Journalism is co-taught by John Beatty, associate professor of English, and Huntly Collins, assistant professor of communication. This documentary was produced, written and edited by Kevin Smith, a student in the course who completed it as an independent study project.


You can find a tremendous amount of primary source material on Youtube, including music, dancing, movies, television, sports, advertisements etc.  It is always worth checking.



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Films Media Group

Films on Demand:digital educational video

Films Media Group is the leading source of high-quality video and multimedia for academic, vocational and life-skills content. Films Media Group serves the education community through its four brands: Films for the Humanities and Sciences, Cambridge Educational, Meridian Education, and Shopware. Includes more than 10,000 films in the following general categories: humanities and social science; business and economics; science and mathematics; health and medicine; technical education; family and consumer science; careers and job search; and guidance and counseling.

Some examples of videos: 

Going to Chicago

This award-winning documentary tells the story of the mid-century black migration through the testimony of some Mississippi Delta natives who relocated to Chicago during this era.

By River By Rail

In this program, poet Maya Angelou, NAACP President Kweisi Mfume, and a host of other African-Americans recount the story of the migration, of separated families, and of the hardships, prejudice, and struggle for acceptance in the North that resulted in disillusionment


Internet Archive

Internet Movie Archive

This library contains thousands of digital movies uploaded by Archive users which range from classic full-length films, to daily alternative news broadcasts, to cartoons and concerts.   The Prelinger Archives are particularly interesting for American Studies.

American Memory at Library of Congress


American Memory Collection  

Several hundred early motion pictures are viewable in the Library's American Memory collections