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Public History -- Philadelphia and the United States

Philly History


Looking for information about Pennsylvania in general?

Here's a great site for Philly and beyond!


La Salle University is proud to be a member of the Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries (PACSCL).

The over thirty member libraries and archives of PACSCL collect, care for, and share with a world-wide audience collections that, in their depth and variety, comprise an internationally important body of unique materials for students, scholars and lifelong learners at any level.

The collections of PACSCL member libraries include a total of more than 4,000,000 rare books, 260,000 linear feet of manuscripts and archival materials, and 9,000,000 photographs, maps, architectural drawings, and works of art on paper. PACSCL member libraries hold rich collections of materials on national, regional, and local history; the natural and social sciences; world history, literature and religion; art and architecture; and business and industry.

Visit the PACSCL website

Philly Research links

Search the union catalog of member libraries

Pennsylvania Magazines

A great resource for researching Philadelphia and beyond is the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, which is published by the Pennsylvania Historical Society. It can be accessed several different ways.

  • 1907 - 2005 is available full text through Penn State by clicking here.
  • 1877 - present is available on JSTOR.

 This is not to be confused with Pennsylvania History: A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies which is published by Penn State, and is the official publication of the Pennsylvania Historical Association.  This journal is available from 1934 - 2005 on Penn State's website by clicking here.  2010- present  is available through Project Muse

Digital Research Tools and Databases

Subject-specific digital history sites

Connelly Library Department of Special Collections

The Connelly Library houses a diverse department of Special Collections, including the Imaginative Representations of the Vietnam War, the Wister Family Papers and the Dunleavy Bible Collection.

Visit the department's webpage

View bibles digitized in collaboration with Villanova

La Salle University Archives

The La Salle University Archives is located on the lower level of Connelly Library. For more on the Archives, visit their webpage.


I found this cartoon on Google while researching this guide. This is from a Kool Aid Man comic book from the mid 1980s, where the Kool Aid Man traveled time to quench thirst!