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History: Books at Connelly

Finding Books at Connelly Library

Use the Connelly Library Catalog to search for books on Historical Subjects.  Try searching your topic on keywords,

Then use the Library of Congress controlled Subject Heading to find more books on the same topic.


If you'd like to browse the library book stacks, books related to History can be found primarily from C, D, E and F Call Numbers. These books can be found on the 2nd floor of The Connelly Library. Reference works are found in the Reference collection on the 1st floor.

If you are looking for primary source collections, find your subject heading narrowed down by the term: SOURCES. (you can also do a keyword search on your topic and include the term: SOURCES

example (Subject Search): Germany -- History -- 1933-1945 -- Sources 

example (keyword search): napoleon sources  - (The results of a keyword search will be much less precise) 




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