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Community-Engaged Teaching and Learning: Home


This guide provides a curated list of resources to support community-engaged teaching and learning at La Salle. Please contact Heather Willever-Farr ( if you would like to add further content or resources to this communally-built guide.


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De La Salle Institute


       Print in the Lasallian History and Heritage Collection                              Special Collections, Connelly Library

The De La Salle Institute (DLSI) website offers helpful information and resources focused on community-engaged learning and teaching.    


Additionally, DLSI provides resources for adapting courses to facilitate digital engagement:                                                                                                 


Civic Engagement Center (Macalester College): online resources highlight solidarity, mutual aid, and community resiliency.

Imagining America: A collaboration between scholars and artists committed to imagining better ways of living, learning and working together.

Center for Civic Reflection: includes discussion plans, facilitator summaries and additional resources to engage students in reflective dialogue on a range of topics with current crises as the source of experience.

Essential Partners: supports civic groups, faith communities, colleges, and organizations in building resilience, cohesion, and trust across divides of values, beliefs, and identities.

National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation: its Engagement Streams Framework helps communities decide which approach (dialogue and/or deliberation approaches) best fit for their circumstances.