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Program Development Research Guide



This guide is organized in three sections, each section of this guide offers specific resources that align with the needs and opportunities in the higher education sector, particularly focusing on graduate and adult learners. 

Demographic data focuses on understanding the potential market for graduate and adult degree programs. By utilizing the resources in this section, you can gain insights into age, gender, income, location, and ethnicity to understand market size, and recognize trends or shifts in population that will impact potential programs.

Occupational/labor data aims to determine the potential demand and growth for graduates. It encompasses resources related to industry trends, employment rates, salary expectations, and skills in demand. This section is vital for analyzing the current and future job market, understanding what industries are growing, and identifying what skills and qualifications are most sought after by employers.

Higher education data aims to determine the competition in the higher education market and potential in underserved areas. It includes resources that provide information on the number of institutions, programs offered, enrollment rates, graduation rates, and tuition costs. This data is essential for understanding the landscape of higher education providers, identifying gaps in the market, analyzing competition, and finding opportunities in underserved disciplines.