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Resources for Studying & Teaching the Holocaust

This guide is intended to provide useful resources to faculty and students researching the genocide of European Jews during World War II, and more narrowly, the history and experience of the Theresienstadt ghetto camp.

Imaginative Representations of the Holocaust Collection

The Imaginative Representations of the Holocaust Collection is housed in the Department of Special Collections, Connelly Library. It explores the Jewish Holocaust (1939-1945) with a focus on its aftermath and the nature of its witness communities. Additionally, it seeks to investigate the ways in which the actual event has become mythologized, re-envisioned, and commoditized to the public through films and literature. The Holocaust Collection includes films, memoirs, art books, novels, children's books, graphic novels, and ephemera. 


Useful Subject Headings

Material in the Connelly Library is indexed in the Library Catalog.

Items related to the experience of Theresienstadt can be found in the Library's regular collections and the Department of Special Collections. The following subject headings are useful for searching either broadly or narrowly on this topic:

Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Personal narratives

Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Fiction

Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Poetry

Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Comic books, strips, etc

Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Study and teaching

Jewish children in the Holocaust -- Biography

Jewish children in the Holocaust -- Drama

Jewish children in the Holocaust -- Juvenile literature

Jewish children in the Holocaust -- Art

Theresienstadt (Concentration camp)



Testaments to the Holocaust Visual Archive

This digital resource offers the unique resources of the World’s oldest Holocaust museum. Alfred Wiener fled Germany in 1933 and established his collection in London. The collection offers fully searchable personal accounts of life in Nazi Germany, along with photographs, propaganda materials such as school text books, limited circulation publications and rare serials in a uniquely flexible format, enabling detailed research into the domestic policies of Nazi Germany, Jewish life in Germany from 1933 to after the war, propaganda, life in the concentration camps, in hiding, emigration and refugee life.

Historical Abstracts with Full Text

This authoritative database is essential for libraries supporting upper-division and graduate research on world history, military history, women's history, history of education, and many other related topics. Use the subject headings above to narrow your search.

Selected Works