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Self Guided Library Tour


Self guided library tour filled with information about Connelly Library and Learning Commons.

Learning Commons

Welcome to the Connelly Library and Learning Commons. We act as a hub for the entire La Salle learning community. The Connelly Library and Learning Learning Commons building is open 100 hours a week. The Learning Commons is the first floor of the building,  the 8 tech rooms are available for checkout. The open space is arranged for group,  individual study, and lounging, and is available to the entire La Salle community. A high volume black and white printer is located in the center of the floor.

  • We have over 350,000 books here on campus
  • Access to over 800,000 electronic books and journals
  • 36 million books available via EZ-Borrow
  • Over 10,000 DVD, VHS & Streaming Videos
  • Links to over 80 databases
  • Library services are available 24/7 at

NEXT: Make your way downstairs to the Lower Level: Computer Lab.

Lower Level: Computer Lab

The Lower Level Computer Lab contains 50+ desktop computers.  There are both Macs and PCs.  Certain computers contain specialized software, such as: ArcGIS, MySQL Workbench, SAP Engineering Client Viewer, and more...  The printer is a high volume color printer.

Please note the IT Help desk is here to provide students with in-person IT support.  When this desk is closed, please come to the staff at the Public Services Desk on the first floor for assistance.

NEXT: Find the Multi-Purpose Room to the right of the bathrooms on the Lower Level.

Lower Level: Multi-Purpose Room

The Multi-Purpose Room provides a meeting space with white boards, tables, and seating for the La Salle community to utilize. This room can be reserved in advance for meetings. Large display available for approved events. If not reserved, this space is available for use on a first come, first serve basis. Please see the Public Services Desk to make reservations.

NEXT: At the other end of the hall on the Lower Level, find the University Archives.

Lower Level: University Archives

The University Archives serves as the official repository for records which possess permanent historical, administrative, legal, cultural, or fiscal value, and document the history of La Salle University.  The Archives contains books, newspapers, magazines, manuscripts, photographs, audiovisual materials, and many types of digital files.  All of the La Salle community is welcome to visit the Archives to view materials or conduct primary source research. Hours by appointment Monday-Friday 9AM - 5PM, email

NEXT: In the back of the Lower Level, find the Student Lounge.

Lower Level: Student Lounge

The Student Lounge provides diner style seating, couches, tables and chairs for a more relaxed study atmosphere. Vending machines are available with drinks and snacks.  This area can be reserved for meetings and events.  Please see the Public Services Desk to make a reservation.

NEXT:  Take the main staircase to the second floor.  The Special Collections is located to your left, at the end of the hall.

Second Floor: Special Collections

The Department of Special Collections (SC) has unique historic material that is used to facilitate active learning experiences in an array of undergraduate and graduate courses. SC holds

  • Hundreds of rare and illustrated editions of the Holy Bible and psalter books
  • Collections that document the colorful history of Germantown
  • The historic papers of families who once resided on La Salle grounds
  •  An extensive collection of literary and creative works concerning the Vietnam War
  •  Unique popular culture collections, such the Bob Dylan collection

 Special Collections' staff provide orientations to the collections, as well as hands-on learning activities to engage students in critical thinking.  One-on-one research assistance and guidance is available to all members of the La Salle community interested in the collections. For an appointment, please contact our S.C. Librarian, Heather Willever-Farr,, 215.951.1454.

NEXT: On the 2nd floor, find the shelf marked DS119.7 - DS135.

Second Floor: Circulating Collection A-H

This collection has books ranging from philosophy to the social sciences with a lot of history in between.  The majority of the books in this collection can be checked out of the library at the Public Services Desk.

NEXT: Find room 207.

2nd Floor Study Rooms

The 2nd Floor study rooms are equipped with white boards and are available on a first come, first serve basis.  There is no need to check the room out and you can stay as long as you'd like.

NEXT: Take the main staircase to the 3rd floor, find the shelf marked PQ 7798 - PQ 969.32

Circulating Collection J-Z

Shhh!  This is the Quiet Floor, an excellent space for study. The remainder of our 400,000 book collection is housed on both the 3rd floor and the mezzanine levels. J - PR are found on this level, PQ - Z are on the mezzanine. Here you find subjects ranging from political science to literature to medicine and much more.  Please note the directional sign in front of you.  These are placed throughout the floors to help you navigate the collection.

Books and other materials can be checked out at the Public Services Desk on the first floor.

*If you cannot find the book you need, check with the Public Services Desk.  We may be able to order a copy for you through EZ-Borrow , Inter-Library Loan, or Ebooks.

NEXT: Find room 310.

3rd Floor Study Rooms

The 3rd Floor study rooms are equip with white boards and are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Just like the 2nd floor study rooms, there is no need to check the room out and it can be used for as long as it is needed.

Next:  Take the main staircase back to the first floor. Locate the Public Service Desk to the right of the main entrance.

Public Service Desk

Our knowledgeable professional librarians and Public Services staff are here to help you with all your library needs.  Our staff is happy to help you ch out tech for study rooms, or pick up material on reserve.  Come to the desk to consult with one of our professional librarians at the start of your research project.

Even when the building is closed, Library Services are available for you 24/7

THE END: Thank you for your visit.