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Grades First




A benefit of studying at La Salle is access to Tutoring Support Services. Research shows that successful students use tutoring services to maintain and/or improve grades. We provide subject tutoring in over 80 courses as well as writing tutoring for courses across the curriculum. Tutors are your peers who have taken the same courses you are and understand their demands. They have been carefully selected and trained. Tutoring sessions are monitored and evaluated constantly to assure the most effective tutoring experience.

Tutoring is provided primarily by appointment and is easy to schedule using the GradesFirst (GF) system on your portal located under Tools. Make appointments early and often, being sure to cancel appointments at least 3 hours prior to a session if you cannot make it to allow tutors to help others.


STEP 1. OPEN GRADESFIRST: Go to your portal and click on TOOLS>GradesFirst.

STEP 2. CHOOSE A COURSE: A screen will appear with your class list (including WRT 101 which represents Sheekey Writing Center Tutoring). To schedule a tutor, click on SCHEDULE A TUTOR to the right of the course for which you want help, if you want writing help, select WRT 101 as the "course."

STEP 3. CHOOSE A LOCATION: There may be several locations for tutoring in your selected course.* If you get a "sorry" message, try a different location and/or date (click on the calendar icon on the left of the screen) until you reach the scheduling grid.

STEP 4. CREATE APPOINTMENT: When you see the tutor availability scheduling grid, scroll through the times to find an OPEN (If no OPEN appears, check a different date by clicking on the calendar icon). Click on an OPEN time to create an appointment. Then, Click SUBMIT and you and your tutor will automatically receive a confirmation and reminder via email. Each OPEN slot represents a half hour. If you need more time, look for a tutor who has two consecutive OPEN slots. Go through this process for each half hour slot to assure yourself the time you need.

*Most subject tutoring occurs in the Connelly Library. Writing tutoring occurs in the Sheekey Writing Center, OIney 203; on weekdays and in Connelly Library 212 on weekends.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Appointments need to be cancelled three (3) hours prior to a scheduled appointment to avoid incurring a "No Show" for the appointment time. Students with 3 or more "no shows" lose the privilege of being able to make appointments in GF.

STEP 1. SELECT THE APPOINTMENT TO BE CANCELLED: Go to the CALENDAR tab on your GF homepage and click on the indicated appointment and the Manage Appointment box will appear.

STEP 2. DELETE YOUR APPOINTMENT: Click on CANCEL MY ATTENDANCE in the bottom left corner. Select a REASON for cancelling and add COMMENTS if necessary. Click as MARK AS CANCELLED and a red confirmation will appear. Click CLOSE. Both you and your tutor will receive an email confirmation.

For a detailed screenshot version of these instructions, visit:

ACADEMIC AND LEARNING SUPPORT SERVICES Tutoring Support Services: 215-951-1822