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Tutors/Tutoring: Quick Facts

Quick Facts


Quick Facts:

·        Google-like library to access all books and journals using SUMMON™

·        Over 300,000 volumes

·        450+ library databases

·        Access to over 100,000 journals

·        3300 feature films (DVDs)

·        Computers with access to the Internet and Microsoft Office suite                                   

·        Free document scanner

·        Photocopy machines

·        Group study tables on 1st floor; private group study rooms on upper floors

·        Quiet study areas on 3rd floor and Mezzanine

·        Comfortable seating areas on all floors

·        Wireless Internet access for La Salle students, faculty and staff

·        Security personnel posted in the library lobby during all open hours                                          

·        Vending machine and informal study on lower level