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Using Summon Search


Summon is a simple and fast search engine that helps you discover relevant information on any topic from the La Salle University Library collections. It is a great place to start your research in scholarly journal, magazine and newspaper articles, books, videos, audiofiles and more. From your search results, it's one step to the full text of articles and eBooks or you can see if a physical book is on the shelf.


Keyword Searching is the easiest way to start searching Summon.  Use the (Google-like) Single Search Box to perform a basic keyword search across many fields automatically.

Use the Advanced Search feature for a more specific search, by author, journal title, subject, etc. by choosing an option from the search fields dropdown menu.

Refining Search

Search Results can be refined using the Facets found in the left hand toolbar.

  • Facets are properties assigned to items in a Search Results List.
  • Clicking the property Journal Article under the Facet, Content Type, will reduce the Search Results to items categorized as Journal Articles.
  • Clicking multiple properties returns Search Results that possess all the chosen properties.
  • In the example below, using Facets reduced the keyword search Parkinson's Disease from 844,000 results to 791
    • Scholarly & Peer Reviewed
    • Journal Articles
    • Published within the Last 12 Months
    • In the Discipline of Medicine
    • Under the Subject of Neurosciences
    • Available Full Text Online

      Refine Search Using Facets

Accessing Full Text

Full Text Online link should bring up record with link to PDF of material.

Summon Full Text LinkPDF Link

Information on viewing other non-PDF formats can be found using the links below:

Requesting Material

Click Citation Online link to view the options for gaining access to the material via other means.  More info...

 Summon Citation Online Link

Citation Help

Upper Right Corner of each record gives options to Help cite the material.  

  • Click Quotes Quotation Marks to generate citation that can be copied and pasted into a document.
  • Click Ellipses Ellipsesfor options to export to RefWorks or other citation managers.

Summon Citation Help