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Online Faxing

Online Faxing

Use the internet to fax digital documents

Online Faxing

Connelly Library does not have a public fax machine. But, there are plenty of free online faxing services that will meet the needs of most of our patrons.

1. Scan your documents into individual 1 page documents (.DOC, .DOCX, or .PDF) using the Connelly Library Scanner or an app on your phone. (If your document is already in digital form, it must be somehow broken up into individual 1 page documents.)

2. Click the link above or Google "Fax Zero."  There are other free online fax services that you can try as well.

3. Type your Name, Email Address and Phone # into the fields provided.

Fax Zero Sender Info










4. Type the Name of the Person to whom you are sending the fax and their fax # into fields provided.

Fax Zero Receiver Info


5. Use the three buttons for attaching a file to upload up to 3 individual pages (if you have more than 3 pages you will need to send multiple faxes - see step 13)

Fax Zero Attach Files


6. Use field provided to type a cover page.

Fax Zero Cover Page


7. Type in Confirmation Code provided.

Fax Zero Confirmation Code


8. Click Send Free Fax Now (DO NOT choose the other Pay Option)

Fax Zero Free Fax Button


9. Check your email for the message from FaxZero seen below.

Fax Zero Email Link

  • Clicking the above link will take you to this confirmation page.

Fax Zero Confirmation Page




  • You will receive an email message once the fax has been successfully delivered (or failed).

Fax Zero Email for Failed Fax






10. If you have more than 3 single pages to fax, you can repeat the above steps 4 more times in a single day.  This gives you the ability to send 15 pages (5 - 3 page faxes).