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Literature: MLA International Bibliography

MLA International Bibliography

MLA International Bibliography - usage hints

MLA International Bibliography is not a full text database, although there are some links to full text in other databases.  Therefore you must use the Article Locator to effectively find what La Salle owns, either in print, online or on microfilm.  If we do not  have the material you want, you can use ILL to get it.

Here are some hints which will help you to search MLA Bibliography effectively.  You will need to find the correct form of the AUTHOR'S name - that is to say the AUTHOR whose works you are researching.  Therefore it helps to use  the Names as Subjects index.  Remember to type in LAST name  FIRST!

 Once you have chosen the correct Name as Subject you will be brought to the main Search Screen.  The Name as Subject you have chosen will be in the first search box as a DE or Descriptor (another word for Subject Heading).  You can type in the title of the work for which you are looking for criticism in the second box and choose SK Primary Subject Work from the drop-down menu

 You can run your search now or set some refining limits first.  On the left of the search screen there are some boxes for limiting or refining.  You can use these at any time duringthe search session

When you get your results, you can further narrow your search by choosing Subject terms

Looking at your results - MLA indexes articles, books, articles in books, book collections and dissertations.  The document type is listed on each citation.  You should use the Article Locator to find out whether we own journal articles online, in print or on microfilm.  If we do not have the article, you can use step 3 of the Article Locator to order it on ILL

If the citation is to a book you must also use the Article Locator.  However the Article Locator cannot run the search for you.  You must click on the Book Title search in the Article Locator

If you click the title of the citation in your results list, you will bring up the full record. You have the option to use "SmartText Searching" to find similar articles.