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LibKey is a new service from Connelly Library of La Salle University that simplifies access to library-licensed and open access journal articles.  If we do not own or have access to the journal articles, it will pass you on to our ILL system.

LibKey in Summon

LibKey Discovery integrates LibKey into Summon to provide one-click access to the full text of library-licensed and open access articles.

When you find an article in Summon for which full text is available through Connelly Library subscriptions or an Open Access source, you will see a Download Now link. Click on the link to download the full text.

There is also frequently an option to view the table of contents of the journal issue in which the article appears. Very useful for browsing an issue! You will also notice the covers of the journals appear, letting you quickly see what is showing up in your search.

LibKey in Summon

In Other Databases

You will now see the LibKey icon showing up where you used to see the Article Locator icon

In EBSCOhost databases.  You will be linked to the full text if available – if not you will be given the opportunity of submitting an ILL:

LibKey in Ebsco