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Explorer Cafe Fall 2019: Oct. 23

I’m Not Sick. I’m Young and Healthy! Why Start Planning for the End of Life Now? Let’s Start a Conversation.



At age 12, Nazea was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. But this is not a story about cancer; it’s a story about a conversation. Like most people with a serious illness, Nazea thought about the possibility of dying. Everyone around him — his family and his care team — was thinking about it, too. By playing Common Practice's game they realized that talking about dying opened up a conversation about living and led to better care and closer connections.

In our society where so much attention is devoted to the immediacy of daily life, issues like serious illness and death are never easy to think about or discuss. But ignoring these topics can have devastating consequences. This program tells how a growing number of people—both young and old—are taking a proactive role through a process known as advance care planning. The process includes completing a living will and a medical power of attorney, and considering organ-donation options.