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IT Ethics: Using Further Readings, Footnotes etc.

Using Further Readings, Footnotes, Endnotes etc.

One of the best ways to track down good information on your topic is to use the research done by earlier writers.  So if you find a good article listed as a further reading or as a footnote etc. from a reference source or from Opposing Viewpoints or CQ Researcher or any of the articles turned up in a Summon search - use Summon to locate it and read it! (If you find a book - take a look at this tab)

Here is an example - from a CQ Researcher article



  • Now go to Summon and paste in the title of the article. Please note that you CAN click on the link you see in these bibliographies. However if you find that you run into a paywall and are being asked to buy the article, run the search in Summon.


  • If we do NOT own the title, click on the Add results beyond your library's collection box (it can be seen above on the top right) to bring up an Interlibrary Loan form.  ILL is VERY fast.  We can get the article for you usually within 24 hours.  It arrives as a PDF in your La Salle email.