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International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement Students: Interlibrary Loan

Frequently Asked Questions




What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary loan is a transaction in which the Free Library of Philadelphia borrows materials from another library system on behalf of a patron. 

The Free Library of Philadelphia provides Interlibrary Loan services in order to enhance and extend the resources available to its users.

Why do I need my FLP library card number and Pin to use the system?

Your Library card number and Pin number allows the FLP to give you access to information about your Interlibrary loan requests. The can also enable you to edit your personal information such as address or phone number.

If you are a first time user, you must register prior to using the Interlibrary loan service.
To register click on the red register link at the top of the Interlibrary loan page.

After reading and agreeing to the copyright information, you will be prompted to enter your personal information along with your library card number and PIN number.

Upon completing the registration process you can place your request for the Interlibrary loan item that you desire.

If you are a returning ILL user, you can log on with your library card number and PIN number and then submit your requests.

How long until I get the material that I requested?

The Interlibrary loan process can take as little as 3 days or as long as a month to receive materials, depending on the location and the availability of the item.

Who is eligible to use Interlibrary Loan?

The InterLibrary loan service is available to patrons age 18 and older who possess a valid FLP card.

What materials cannot be requested through Interlibrary loan?

• Titles not yet published
• Materials that have been published within the last 12 months
• Items that the Free Library already has on order
• Information that can be found through the FLP’s electronic resources

What does Interlibrary loan cost?

Most Interlibrary loan request are filled free of charge thanks to reciprocal agreements with other libraries.
If an item cannot be obtained for free, you will be notified by the Interlibrary loan department. At that time you can decide the fee you are willing to pay to get the item.  Note: You can also put in the maximum fee you are willing to pay for the book ($0-$50) when you fill out your ILL request online.