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International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement Students: Create a Search Plan

Research Process


Follow the Information Literacy Process: 

  • State/Identify what is needed.
  • Choose a topic. (Be specific)
  • Find available resources using the FLP.
  • Search for materials within these resources.
  • Evaluate and synthesize the materials to solve problem or create a product.
  • Cite what is used. Refer to the Style Guide tab in this LibGuide

It's important to follow the process. Connecting the pieces will help to ensure successful outcomes with your research assignments. Refer to puzzle above.

This puzzle also represents an adaptation of the Big6 Information Problem Solving Model and Bloom's Taxonomy



Search Strategy Using Boolean Logic

Search Strategy

Before you begin using a database or search engine (i.e., Google Scholar), it is a good idea to write down all the keywords and phrases that describe your topic or the information you're seeking.

You should also write down any synonyms or related terms. These keywords and phrases can be your search terms. Use the research planning forms as a guide.

What is Scholarly Reseach?


What is scholarly research? Webster’s Third International Dictionary defines “scholarly” as: 1) concerned with academic study, especially research, 2) exhibiting the methods and attitudes of a scholar, and 3) having the manner and appearance of a scholar.

After you have selected a topic for your paper, the next step is the process of conducting research and gathering information on your topic. 

Before you start researching, make a plan by considering a few aspects of the information you want to gather.

  • Ask specific questions that must be answered
  • Consider the type of information you want to use
  • Determine where you can find that information
  • Evaluate how much information you need

The length of your paper will help to determine the number of sources and amount of information necessary to write a well-developed paper.

Make sure your research paper answers the questions of:  “who, what, where, when, how or why” with respect to your topic. Watch the video below.