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Digital Commons: Benefits of Digital Commons

Information about Digital Commons, a showcase for La Salle's research, scholarship, and history.

Why contribute to Digital Commons?

screenshot of Digital Commons author statsWhen you upload a work to Digital Commons, you'll receive a stable web address that you can add to your CV, résumé, or portfolio. You can log in to the Digital Commons site to see how often your works are being viewed. Once your work is in the site, it's easy for others to find it in Google, Summon and other search engines.

Digital Commons for faculty

  • Increases the visibility of your research
  • Improves rankings for your articles in Google and Google Scholar
  • Provides opportunities for collaboration outside of academia
  • Makes articles published in multiple journals available in a single location


Digital Commons for students

  • Makes research available outside of academia, including to potential employers
  • Allows students view past work by graduates of their program
  • Provides a stable online home for your work, even after you graduate


Digital Commons for La Salle

  • Promotes the research opportunities available to La Salle students and the research interests of La Salle faculty
  • Supports La Salle’s social justice mission by making research freely available to researchers around the world
  • Provides access to La Salle research in a single location, offering an opportunity for branding