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Biology: RefWorks (How to Cite)

General guide to life sciences

This page refers to the Legacy version of RefWorks, which is being phased out in favor of the New RefWorks.  If you are starting a new account, be sure to start with the New RefWorks.  Legacy RefWorks' accounts will eventually be seamlessly integrated into the New RefWorks. 


RefWorks is a web-based bibliographic management service. RefWorks allows users to create personal citation databases by importing references from text files or online databases. RefWorks features also facilitate manuscript preparation, allowing for automatic formatting of the paper and the bibliography. Download a "Getting Started" guide for RefWorks

When you have a references stored in RefWorks, you can use La Salle's Article Locator  link to access them.

When off-campus, you first login as you would any library database. It is best to login first to Refworks at the beginning of a database searching session.
When off-campus, you will receive an SSL certificate form which you must agree to. La Salle has signed this certificate and it will not harm your computer. You will only need to ok this certificate once.

Then you use the username and password you create when you sign up for your RefWorks account.

Please note that when you first create your account  you are sent a Group Code.  If you login to RefWorks off-campus before you start searching in a particular database, you will not need to use this Group Code.  However if you go to RefWorks from a database, you will be asked for the Group Code.  So be sure to save this Group Code.

Use the La Salle LibGuide for help on EXPORTING CITATIONS to REFWORKS


Some style guides require a DOI (Digital Object Identifier ).  However not every database currently supplies this.


If you need  DOI for a particular article use this link to find it

Style Guides

You can also find information about various citation styles online.  Some university and college writing centers have devised help guides based on the major citation styles: AMA,  APA, Chicago, MLA, CBE (Scientific Style and Format) and Turabian.

We have links to these websites here.