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Ethnic Groups in America: Finding Books

Connelly Libary Catalog

Use the Connelly Library Catalog to find books and other materials (videos, websites etc.)

You can do a keyword search or use the Subject search.  It is important to use the correct Library of Congress Subject Terms in order to most effectively find material:




Subject headings for various groups:

Native Americans – use Indians of North America

Jews – use Jews -- United States or Judaism – United States

Indians from India use East Indian Americans (Please note that in some databases (not the catalog)they are called Asian Indian Americans)- Also if you are searching a database put the words in quotations "East Indian Americans" to differentiate from American Indians from the Eastern U.S.)

Amish – just use Amish

Other ethnic groups, use  (name of group) -- Americans – example African AmericansIrish Americans, Italian Americans etc.

Finding eBooks

You can also search for books and ebooks using Summon.   Summon searches our library's catalog and therefore results include print books as well.   We also have a LIBGUIDE with more details on finding ebooks

You can also use this search box