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BUSCA (Bilingual Undergraduate Studies): Selecting a Topic

Find Books

To find books in the Connelly Library search the catalog.

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Need a Topic?


Weekly publication covers the most current and controversial issues of the day with complete summaries, insight into all sides of the issues, bibliographies and more. Excellent place to begin research on a topical issue.

Points of View Reference Center  Information about controversial social issues, including full text articles from magazines, newspapers, and selected books, pro and con opinion pieces, statistics, primary source documents, and links to web sites.


How Are Books Organized?


Library of Congress Classification

  • The Library of Congress classification system organizes books by broad subject area.
  • Each item is assigned a call number, which is like the book's address.
  • Each call number begins with a letter or multiple letters, followed by numbers and additional combinations
  • Sample Call Number: PE 1199.H33 2006
  • The beginning letters of a call number represent a broad subject area (i.e., PE1199 is "English language")

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