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Faculty Reading Group for Graduate Studies: Library Resources: Off-Campus Access

The Proxy Server Prefix

Whenever you set up URL links to any subscribed library content, it is essential that you make sure that they are preceded by La Salle University's PROXY SERVER PREFIX

The PROXY SERVER PREFIX ensures that the link will be routed through the Connelly Library's EZPROXY server, which will allow any computer terminal in the world to appear to coming from La Salle's IP Address, thus allowing access to the subscribed content.

In many cases we can set it up so that saved URLs include the PROXY SERVER PREFIX, but in other cases we cannot.


1.  Make sure you have a permanent or stable URL for the content

2.  Make sure the URL is preceded by the PROXY SERVER PREFIX.  If it is not, copy and paste the prefix -- be careful there are no spaces!

Example - in the Counseling and Therapy in Video database, you can save a stable URL for the video: Integrating Therapy With 12 Step Programs

the permanent or stable URL is - however, since the PROXY SERVER PREFIX is not appended, it would not be viewable off-campus.  To make it viewable off-campus, cut and paste (once again be sure there are no spaces in the new URL):

Now it can be viewed by any authorized La Salle patron.  They will first receive a screen asking them to login with their MyLasalle username and password, and will then be able to see the video.

For best results, test out the URL to be sure that it works!