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Legacy RefWorks: Getting Started

RefWorks Quick Start Guide

Use this handy guide to help you get up and running with RefWorks!

RefWorks User Workbooks

Download these self-study guides to practice using RefWorks on your own.

Creating an Account

Creating Your Account

  1. Open your browser and go here sign up for an account.  If you are off-campus, you will first be prompted for your MyLasalle (i.e. Portal) username and password. 

  2. Make sure your screen says Login using RefWorks Credentials "La Salle University".

  3. Click the Sign up for an Individual Account link.

  4. Complete the New User Information box.

Note:  When creating your Login Name, please do not use the following characters:

* Asterisk

< >[ ] Brackets

= Equal sign

+ Plus sign

" Quotes

\ / Slashes

, . : ; Comma, Period, Colon, Semicolon

  1. Click Create Account.

    You will receive an email confirmation that has been customized to suit your site's requirements. KEEP THIS EMAIL - IT HAS INFORMATION ABOUT A GROUP CODE, WHICH YOU MAY NEED LATER!

After you click on create account, you'll be brought in to your new, empty RefWorks account where you can begin adding your references.

Video Tutorial: Accessing RefWorks, Creating an Account, and Logging In

Logging in to RefWorks

To log in to RefWorks:

  1. Go to the Library Homepage, roll over RESEARCH and click the REFWORKS box 

  2. This brings up a page with login instructions; click on the link. If you are on campus just enter the username and password you created when you registered.  If you are off-campus you must first authenticate yourself as a La Salle user by entering your MyLasalle (i.e Portal) username and password.  Then you will get the REFWORKS login page.  Enter the username and password you created when you registered.

Logging in from Off-Site using a Group Code (this is rarely necessary)

  1. In your browser, go to  You'll be brought to the RefWorks Login Center where you'll see three tabs (Remote Access, Individual Log-In, Trial Log-In) .

  2. In the Remote Access tab, enter your organization's Group Code and click on Go To Login.

  3. Enter your personal Login Name and Password, which you created when you registered.

Other Videos To Help You Learn RefWorks

  • RefWorks Advanced Videos - Covers editing multiple references, backing up and restoring your account, advanced search and more!