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International Students: Research Process

Feeling Stressed

 Feeling stressed or a little overwhlemed follow the Tips for Getting Started.

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Tips for Getting Started


1. Background Information- Start with background information on a topic generally found in a general dictionary or encyclopedia, a chapter in a book, or a good article. to further define the topic search for issues or people associated with the topic along with any related keywords and phrases.

2. Specialized Reference Resources- These include subject-specific resources that are related to the topic or field of study such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, statistical sources, etc.

3. Catalog- The catalog reflects the Connelly Library holdings on a given topic. Search the catalog for books. Books are important to understanding the topic.

4. Databases- Use databases to find articles in newspapers, magazine and journals.

5. Internet- Search for appropriate web resources. Be sure to evaluate the website before using it for the research topic. Use the CARDS method to help you evaluate the Internet sites. The Evaluating Web Resources tab on this guide will help you with this step.