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Summon: When the Article Doesn't Come Up

Missing Article?

Sometimes the Article link does not work.  Although there can be many reasons why this can happen, you do have a way to get the article anyway.  First of all, click the Missing Article link to bring up the Article Locator page.

Article Locator - additional Article Links

What comes up in the Article Locator screen depends on many factors.  Sometimes you get a screen offering you another Article Level link.  Try that first

Article Locator - Journal Level Links

What about if there are no other Article Level Links?

Clicking on the Journal Links

After you click on the Additional Resources link, you see that there are no Article Level links except for the one you just tried (which failed!) So click on the Journal level link - you can try to get the article from the journal Table of Contents

Looking at the Journal Issues

What comes up next depends on the Journal publisher or database aggregator.  You need to look for the Past Issues, which may be in different places depending on the design of the page.  The following example is a typical one, but they are all a bit different.  However the idea is to find the volume, year and issue you want and open up the Table of Contents to get your article.  Remember that the Article Locator page HAS all the bibliographic citation information you need - year, volume, issue and pages!

When the Article Does Not Come Up