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Using the Library: Getting the Article

Article Locator

In some cases the fulltext of the article is not attached to the record in the database.  In that case you should use the Article Locator@Lasalle to locate the fulltext if it is available.

What does Article Locator@La Salle do?

Article Locator is intended to help you locate whether La Salle University Library has a subscription to an article which you have found by using an index. If the article is available fulltext online, a link to either the article or the journal is provided. If not available online, you can click on a link to find out if La Salle University library has the article in print. If La Salle University Library does not have the article, you have the option to request an Interlibrary Loan.

When you get your results in a database search look for either the words “Article Locator@La Salle" OR the magnifying glass icon:

Read more about the Article Locator page here


Finding Periodicals

Although it is best to use the Article Locator to find what periodicals (i.e. journals, magazines, newspapers)  we have and whether we have them online or in print, you can also use the Library's catalog and the e-Journal Portal. 


The e-Journal Portal lists all the periodicals to which the Connelly Library has electronic access.  The information in the e-Journal Portal is what the Article Locator searches when it is trying to make a linkSee more about the e-Journal Portal here

Some of our older periodicals are only available in print

To search our print periodical holdings in the catalog, just type in the title of periodical (not the title of the article) here.  If we have the journal, you will see a list of our holdings and whether they are bound or on microfilm (both lower level)