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American Studies - American Decades: Primary Source Collections

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General Websites with Primary Sources

Many Web sites contain excellent primary resources. The scope of coverage varies for time period. To find primary sources on the web, you need to use the selected list below, or use a search engine and utilize similar search terms you use searching the library catalog for library materials.

Examples of search terms:
New Deal primary sources
       Scopes trial transcript

Finding Primary Sources with Summon

One good way to find primary sources is to use Summon. 

Go to Advanced Search

Type in your search terms.

Choose Exclude Book Reviews. 

Primary Sources can be found in different Content Types

Many can be found under Archival Material, Web Resources, Images, Newspaper Article, Magazine Article and Book/ebook.  Choose one (or more) of these and then narrow the search down to the decade (or year) you want.  Hint: try doing each Content Type separately. Then run the search.

Go over what Primary Sources are to decide if what turns up is a primary source.

General Websites